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A collection of thought-pieces and expert commentary by Paolo Bonaveri (IT) and Matt Morley (ENG) exploring the intersection of yachts, sustainability and wellness.

sustainable crew uniforms for yachts

Sustainable sportswear: green yacht crew uniforms

Top 5 sustainable brands for crew uniforms on a green yacht The rise of eco materials & upcycled marine plastics Recent technological advances in organic cotton production, bamboo fibres and fabrics made of recycled ocean plastics combined with an increasing consumer awareness of the climate crisis has resulted in a boom in eco-friendly sportswear, a.k.a ‘activewear’. We believe this same high-performance gear is ideal for use as crew uniforms on a luxury green yacht and therefore advise yacht owners / […]

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one ocean beauty for a green luxury yacht

Marine-based skincare amenities for green yachts

Our top 3 marine based skincare brands for green yachts Green energy is just the start of the eco yacht journey Everything counts in larger amounts, or so sang Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan in 1983. We adopt a similar philosophy with our holistic approach to consulting and designing green yachts that respect both people and planet. If you are cruising off the coast of Mallorca on your solar/electric-powered catamaran from the likes of Sunreef Eco Yachts or Alva Yachts, the […]

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Una soluzione green per il trasporto nei mari

Navi di trasporto piu sostenibili Il mondo automobilistico ed i suoi grandi gruppi, stanno operando uno sforzo molto importante, per attuare una visione del business sempre più sostenibile nel prossimo futuro, basti pensare che un brand di lusso come Bentley ha dichiarato, che dal 2030 le sue vetture saranno a solo propulsione elettrica e già oggi sta investendo per far si che la sua fabbrica riduca il suo impatto ambientale, in modo rapido ed efficace. Oggi il gruppo Volkswagen ha […]

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