Seafloatech’s eco friendly yacht mooring systems

Seafloatech’s Vision of Sustainable Yacht Moorings

Our personal passion for all things eco yacht

“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one” – J.Y.C.

Jacques Yves Cousteau was a pioneer, like Albert I who founded the Musée Oceanographique de Monaco, in being a man fully engaged for the conservation of the planet and especially of the seas.


It was a great honour for me to meet him, casually, at the end of the 70s. From a very young age I was fascinated by the sea, and J.Y.C. with a few words explained to me what the sea is: nothing more, nor less than life itself.

Today there are a growing number of businesses and associations implementing programmes and activities with the aim of preserving the oceans around us, in part pushed by new legislation, in part by a growing sense that the climate crisis is almost too far gone to be salvageable, almost…

Seafloatech sustainable yacht mooring

BioBlu aims to act also as a platform for promoting greater awareness of new eco friendly yacht ideas for a better life at sea, fostering greater concern for the oceans within the yacht industry as a whole.  Today we focus on an sustanable yacht mooring system by Seafloatech in the UK.

The president of Seafloatech is a man for whom the sea has driven his life. The company developed a clever project of floating civilisation systems. What does it mean?

That is not only a floating pontoon for yachts with a very low impact on the environment but a concept that could possibly offer a solution for a sustainable life on the sea in years to come.


Eco yachts… and even residences at sea

Lionel Pèan is convinced that the future of our civilization lies in the oceans, his company Seafloatech is committed to the ecological management and development of oceanic interface areas and an optimisation of mooring facilities for yachting, leisure, military and industrial use.

Perhaps one day we can imagine residences at sea too?


Armed with an in-depth knowledge of not only the oceans but also harbours and coastal preservation, Seafloatech specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of marine floating modules that are safe, environmentally friendly, and adaptable to their individual environment.


Sustainable yacht moorings or the foundations of a new town?

The range of different Seafloatech modules are all anchored and stabilised by the Seafloatech Pod®, a sustainable and reversible seabed-to-surface patented mooring system for all types of pontoons and vessels.

Could this be the embryo of an idea that leads us to a future floating town, or city? Why not.


A sustainable vision of life at sea

Seafloatech’s secret weapon is this innovative Pod as it has almost limitless potential. It is a safe, environmentally friendly and adaptable seabed-to-surface mooring system.

An alternative to conventional solutions such as chains and anchors, it is connected to the seabed with a singular fixed mast articulated at its base.

A hydraulic piston allows the upper part to swing from side to side as well as up and down in line with the swell of the sea, thereby minimising the effects of the tide.


What are the advantage of the Seafloatech Pod®?

  • ECO FRIENDLY: it reduces the impact on the natural environment and seabed
  • STABILITY: it controls the floating installation at one fixed point against the ocean swell and tidal range
  • PROTECTION: its stability ensures the safety of any persons or property on site
  • SPACE: it reduces the surface area required by a floating installation by a factor of 4
  • MONITORING: it allows for Environmental Surveys to be carried out by installing monitoring devices


“Yes, we can” is most likely the motto that drives this company, and lets not forget the passion and the respect for the sea.

We are curious to follow the development of this project, and wish the Seafloatech team the best of luck!

Paolo L. Bonaveri


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