Monthly:February 2021

eco yacht

Luxury upcycled fabrics in eco yacht interiors

Upcycled ocean-plastic fabrics in eco yacht interiors How eco yacht designers can lead the way There is fundamental change afoot in the yacht industry as awareness increases of the overall environmental footprint of the refit yards, ship builders and of course yachts combined all have. As a sense of collective responsibility  in the face of climate change grows ever stronger, so will the demand for more eco-friendly alternatives for engine power, boat building materials, interior fit-out materials and even onboard […]

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yacht refit

Benefits of biophilic design for green yachts

Why use biophilic design on a green yacht? Wellness, nature & sustainability Biophilic design combines elements of sustainability and wellness with inspiration from the natural world, making it, in our view, an ideal solution for green yacht interiors and a unique selling point for the next generation of sustainable yachts. So why has it made so little impact in the industry thus far? Perhaps partly this is due to lack of awareness amongst specialist yacht interior designers, or simply that […]

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sustainable yachting trend onboard fitness

Eco-friendly yacht gym design

Our yacht gym design & eco-friendly gym equipment services As part of our yacht interior consultancy we offer expertise in yacht gyms and yacht fitness areas, largely informed by Co-Founder Matt Morley’s expertise designing eco-gyms for luxury hotels around the world under his Biofit brand name (2017-present). Now BioBlu is applying that same ‘green and healthy’ design approach to yacht gyms and superyacht fitness rooms. So what exactly goes into designing a superyacht gym or fitness space onboard a yacht? […]

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