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A collection of thought-pieces and expert commentary by Paolo Bonaveri (IT) and Matt Morley (ENG) exploring the intersection of yachts, sustainability and wellness.

The end of the single use plastic

Finally, also a big country like Italy, today has banned the single-use plastic, one of the principal cause of pollution on the sea, the end of the single use plastic. Reducing the plastic use, and – or properly recycled the plastic is really important. Here below few words from the European law. But, there is now another huge problem, the impressive number of mask that we use for the COVID pandemie. Unfortunately, there are not many “red light” on that, […]

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Hemp is back to help yacht industry to be more sustainable

The hemp fiber or better known as canapa fiber, is a natural and highly sustainable plant, that has been banned years ago because of the same family as cannabis (drug) but without hallucinogenic active ingredient.Today in many countries like Italy, the hemp it goes back to being cultivated and this is a very good news for sustainability. Hemp is used for Textile and packaging: used to make ropes, canvases, bags, rugs, accessories and clothing. Bio-fuel: hemp is ideal for the […]

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Biophilia Philosophy

Biophilia is an important area of BioBlu philosophy. Connect the inside to the outside and vice versa. Biophilia is defined as the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings. The term is derived from the Greek words for “life” and “love or affection;” making its literal translation “love of life.”  For us is, “CREATING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YACHTS & NATURE”, but most important with the people live on board and on the sea. Under the […]

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