ocean friendly & healthy yacht operations

Sustainable Yachting Operations

become ocean-friendly onboard

sustainable yachting advisory

From onboard health & fitness to green procurement

Reducing yacht plastic

nature-inspired solutions

To reduce a yacht's environmental impact we provide everything from bathroom amenity kits in bamboo, sustainable non-plastic pantry solutions, water bottles made from upcycled ocean plastic, micro-plastic washing filters and energy-efficient, plastic-free coffee makers.

Enhanced cleaning practices

eco-friendly materials

The Covid crisis has brought hygiene into the spotlight like never before. We identify all high-touch surfaces on a yacht, source environmentally-friendly cleaning materials that do no harm to the seas and can advise on the latest best practices from the WELL Health & Safety Rating to balance concern for health and sustainability.

Yacht gyms, health & beauty

staying fit on a superyacht

We specialise in sourcing ecological, marine-based health and beauty products that harness the restorative powers of the sea. As experts in yacht gym design and superyacht fitness equipment packages tailored to an owner's personal fitness preferences, our aim is to keep you looking & feeling good whilst on the water.

Sustainable crew uniforms

organic & recycled materials

Innovative brands now use organic cotton for crew uniforms and rash vests made of Ocean Balance fabric, these are small details but within the context of a fully sustainable yacht, we believe these decisions all add up to make a tangible difference in reducing the yacht's overall impact on the environment.