Sustainability & wellness consultants for yachts

Sustainable yacht advisory

environmentally-friendly yacht interiors,
engineering systems & onboard operations

Yacht health check

phase 1

The BioBlu process begins with an initial stakeholder consultation to establish the sustainability and wellness brief by incorporating client preferences, specific objectives, a timeline, budget, resource requirements and any project constraints, be they technical, legal or environmental. Additional work may be needed to align a yacht's interiors with its eco-friendly systems for example.

Onboard review

phase 2

A thorough inspection of an existing yacht or yacht designs allows us to evaluate its eco and wellness credentials. We consider the type of materials in use, wellness features, the presence of biophilic design, energy efficiency, water usage and waste management. Our objective is always to ensure a healthier yacht for the owner and for the planet.

Actionable changes

phase 3

Prior to advising on enhanced yacht wellness and eco yacht sustainability features, we carefully consider the requirements of the yacht owner and guests, any installation limitations, legislative requirements or ongoing maintenance implications. We can either implement these changes ourselves or collaborate with an owner's preferred suppliers.