Sustainable Yacht Interiors for Wellness


Eco-friendly wellness interiors for yachts

We bring the outside world in through biophilic and wellness design principles to create yacht interiors that are good for people and planet, owner and the ocean.

Eco yacht consultants

healthy & sustainable interiors

We work with a network of specialist suppliers to ensure the highest quality organic, non-toxic or recycled materials for yacht furniture, wall decor, flooring, bedding and fitness equipment. By combining market-leading indoor air filters, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy and nature-inspired artworks we create sustainable yacht interiors that are in complete harmony with nature.

Biophilic yacht interiors

Bringing the outside world in through nature-inspired design strategies that create harmony between onboard living areas and the 'blue nature' surrounding the yacht. We use fractal patterns, organic fabrics, wabi-sabi finishes and honest materials in a neutral colour palette.

Yacht gym designer

Whether creating an indoor fitness room aboard a yacht or a dedicated outdoor space for exercise with the added wellness benefits of direct contact with nature, we are proven gym design experts with extensive contacts with equipment suppliers. Read more.

Wellness interiors for yachts

By leveraging the latest insights into healthy interiors, we create indoor spaces optimized for human wellbeing, from deeper sleep, to greater concentration and improved mood. Our multi-sensory yacht interior concepts incorporate texture, lighting, sound and a sense of place

Sustainable yacht interiors

Adopting an environmentally-friendly approach to yacht interiors requires extensive knowledge of materials and their life-cycle. Our priority is to use organic, recycled or upcycled materials wherever possible whilst delivering the owner's preferred aesthetic.