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The latest in ocean-friendly onboard water, air and waste solutions for yachts

Eco-friendly Yacht Engineering

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Onboard waste management

Implementing a waste management policy onboard equates to a more conscious approach to provisioning, a comprehensive recycling program and an overall reduction in waste volume whilst at sea via vacuum pack systems that ultimately lower waste disposal costs. We also strongly advocate for support of NGOs helping to clean up our ocean's plastic problem.


Purified toxin-free indoor air

High performing air filters control indoor humidity levels while removing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Carbon Dioxide, fine particulate matter and airborne viruses. Air quality monitors provide real time data to ensure the indoor air you breathe while onboard is optimized for mental clarity by day and improved sleep at night.


Purified & plastic-free

We partner with an onboard water filtration and purification specialist to ensure constant access to high quality drinking water that has been triple filtered and remineralized for the healthiest result possible. We also supply branded reusable bottles made from upcycled ocean plastic. This combination removes single use plastic water bottles onboard.


Enhanced efficiency

We identify ways to reduce the total power needed to run a yacht's onboard systems, ensuring greater energy efficiency and enhanced reliability. Equally, we can advise on the potential for solar cells, green electricity and hydrogen use, both today and in planning for a yacht's future energy needs.