yacht wellness & sustainability

"The sea, the great unifier, is man's only hope. Now, as never before... we are all in the same boat."
Jacques Yves Cousteau
Environmentally-friendly yacht interiors, systems & operations
Sustainability & wellness experts for the yachting industry







Harmony between yachts & nature

our vision

A holistic, 360 degree interpretation of a yacht’s relationship with both People and Planet, owner and ocean. By placing an appreciation for nature at the heart of everything we do, BioBlu proposes a range of creative solutions for wellness yacht interiors, eco-friendly yacht systems and sustainable operations.

Experts in yacht wellness & yacht sustainability

our mission

To implement healthy, environmentally-friendly yacht interiors, engineering systems and onboard operations strategies. Our unique approach focuses on energy, water and waste as well as materials, biophilia and wellness.

Ocean-friendly yachting

our values

We advocate for a healthy and active lifestyle whilst on board (yacht wellness), without neglecting our collective responsibility to protect the oceans around us (yacht sustainability). Reducing energy-consumption, eliminating single-use plastics, incorporating fitness equipment, installing air purification systems and using organic or upcycled materials all make a difference.

Protecting blue nature

our commitment

The solution to the climate crises and the ocean's plastic problem is coordinated collaboration at regional and global scale. We are all in this together. In addition to our work reducing a yacht's environmental impact, we commit a % of annual profits to support charities with an environmental remit to preserve and clean our seas.